About the Authors

Modern Inheritance is written by Christopher B. Tyrrell with the help of experts in the financial advisor field and the estate law field.

C. B. Tyrrell


A business owner, engineer, inventor, and creator of digital asset training for cryptocurrency and digital projects across the internet. Christopher B. Tyrrell brings experience and incredible common sense to help anyone understand how to pass on their digital assets.

Chris Robinette

Financial Planner - Contributor

Chris Robinette helps manage millions of dollars for clients who see him as family. He is a well known figure in the financial planning world and helps professionally coach his peers on the subjects of business, finance, and providing for the next generation.


Adam O'Dell

Estate Lawyer - Contributor

Adam is a successful estate planning attorney in the Nashville, Tennessee area. His unyielding effort to provide protection to estates for the next generation adds incredible insight and value to this book.


Foreword by David Meltzer

"I'm thrilled to be a part of 'Modern Inheritance', where Chris is giving people the tools to leave a legacy of abundance. This book is a roadmap to success, guiding readers through the crucial steps needed to protect their assets and make a lasting impact on the world." 


Legendary Sports Agent, Speaker, and Best Selling Author, 

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